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Four-port fiber termination box

Four-port fiber termination box


    This fiber termination box consists of bottom, cap and fiber t ray, and can be placed with SC/FC/LC/ST adapter flange. It is made of high-strength ABS+PC alloy material, and has high capability of vandal resistant.
    This fiber termination box is suitable for direct connection and branch connection of indoor fiber, and can protect fiber splice.


● The case is treated with static spraying, and has beautiful outline.
● The case body adopts hook, and 
● The splicing tray adopts stacked structure, which is flexible and convenient to use;
● Provide fiber splice protection and storage of tail fiber;
● In the meantime, it is applicable to common fiber and ribbon fiber cable; 
● This termination box is made with latest technology, and conforms to ISO9000-2000 standard;
● The service life of the box is more than 15 years;
● This termination box has small structure, and light weight, moreover, the mechanical type design configuration is very reliable under any operations, replacing, storage and transportation procedures;
● This termination box has the function of inlet of indoor fiber cable or rubber-insulated fiber cable, and outlet of tail fiber and patch cord, and can provide protection for operation of fiber;
● This termination box can protect the fiber cable terminal from environmental influence;
● This termination box has the function of placing fiber cable terminals and storage of superfluous fibers; 
● This termination box has the function of wiring.

Dimension: 150*150*30mm

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